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Lori is from a well-known American family in New York, and her past is intriguing. She was born on June 22, 1969, and is a Cancer in the zodiac.While details about her parents and early upbringing remain undisclosed, her journey unfolds with intrigue.

Lori’s life took a turn when she entered matrimony with a well-known figure, adding another layer of fascination to her story. Despite the mystery surrounding her family background, her connection to fame adds an element of curiosity to her narrative.

Who Is Lori Mccommas?

Lori Mccommas is best known for her marriage to the famous celebrity Terrence, who is not only a prominent figure but also a talented songwriter and record producer. Although Lori isn’t directly tied to the film industry herself, she resides in the midst of its legacy and influence, thanks to her connection to Terrence.

Lori Mccommas Biography

Lori Mccommas is known for her dynamic role as the former spouse of Terrence Howard, a versatile American actor celebrated for his acting skills, musical talents, and contributions as a movie producer. Their romantic journey led to marriage but ultimately ended in divorce after legal separation. Despite the end of their relationship, Lori has embraced social media, leveraging her influence to enhance her online presence. This article offers insights into her life story and profile details.

Lori Mccommas Education 

Though Lori Mccommas has indeed graduated, her educational path remains shrouded in privacy. However, dedicated researchers have unearthed that she completed her high school education at Henderson High School. Despite the limited information available, this detail sheds some light on her academic background.


Full NameLori McCommas
Born DateJune 22, 1969
Age53 years old
Lucky Number8
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColorSilver
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Pisces, Scorpio
ProfessionEx-wife of Terrence
CountryUnited States
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital StatusDivorced and now single
Break UpTerrence, Steven Winter, Joey Anderton
DivorceTerrence Howard
Net Worth$2 million
Salary$350k to $400k
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Body Size34-27-35
Birth PlaceNew York City
EducationPratt Institute
KidsHeaven, Hunter, and Aubrey Howard

Lori Mccommas Career

Lori Mccommas may not be a widely recognized public figure or actress, but she plays a vital role as a devoted homemaker, focusing on caring for her husband and children. While her celebrity status may not be as high-profile, there’s limited information about her net worth. As a wife, she’s entitled to share in the assets owned by her legal husband, reflecting her commitment to their partnership and family life.

Lori Mccommas Net Worth

Following her divorce from the celebrity, Lori McCommas has chosen a path of privacy and tranquility, intentionally maintaining a low profile away from the public eye. Despite the availability of her images online, concrete details about her current whereabouts remain elusive. Additionally, there’s no confirmed presence on social media under her name.

Regarding finances, gossip columns estimate Lori McCommas’ net worth to be around $2 million, a significant sum primarily stemming from her divorce settlement with the Empire star. In contrast, Terrence Howard boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. While this might appear relatively modest considering his successful career, it’s important to recognize the financial challenges he faced post-divorce.

 Lori Mccommas Height

Lori is a striking brunette, standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, similar to the stature of TikToker Ansley Spinks. Her beauty is accentuated by captivating dark eyes, and she prefers to style her hair in long, curly locks. Furthermore, she comes from a Caucasian background, contributing to the unique blend of her features.

With a fair complexion and a round face, Lori exudes a maternal aura. She possesses a gentle demeanor and a curvaceous body, appearing very fit and healthy.

Mccommas Identity?

Lori Mccommas is best known as the devoted partner of an American celebrity.She was raised firmly in the Christian religion, identifies as Caucasian, and was born in New York City, USA, in 1969. It was during her days at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn that she first met Terrence, setting the groundwork for a love connection that bloomed over their time together.

Lori Mccommas Ex-Husband Terrence Howard

Born on March 11, 1969, in the busy metropolis of Chicago, Terrence Howard is a multifaceted figure in American culture, renowned for his expertise as an thespian, lyricist, and television persona. His rise to fame was largely attributed to his powerful performances in the critically acclaimed television series Empire.

Howard’s journey in the entertainment industry is interspersed by a number of unforgettable performances in which he plays important roles in shows including Iron Man, Ray, Lackawanna Blues, and Crash., August Rush, Four Brothers, and Big Momma’s House.

What augments a fascinating stratum to Terrence’s artistic dossier is his melodic proficiency. He debuted his solo album, Shine Through It, in the year 2008, showcasing not only his vocal abilities but also his skills as a minstrel and artist. His own life experiences served as the basis for the album’s thematic narrative.

Beyond the ostentation of the proscenium for amusement, Howard has graced the sacred confines of Broadway, demonstrating his flexibility as an artist. In addition, he has left his mark on the audio-visual domain of musical compositions and has contributed his voice to video game characters in electronic confines. evincing his multivalent foray into the panorama of entertainment.

Terrence Howard’s career journey demonstrates his ability to seamlessly transition between theatricality, music, and several other artistic endeavors, solidifying his position as an esteemed figure in the field.

Lori Mccommas Spouse

Lori Mccommas was the first wife of a well-known actor, and their marriage encountered difficulties due to family conflicts. Her husband, Henderson, had a tough and inflexible personality, which contributed to a turbulent relationship.Their first marriage suffered as a result, and it ended in divorce. Their marriage lasted till 2003 after they exchanged vows in 1989. Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter were the three children that Lori McCommas welcomed into the world during this time.

Lori Mccommas Divorce

As a husband, Terrence fell short in meeting the emotional needs of his three wives, including Lori, whom he married twice. His difficulties in connecting emotionally can be attributed to his personal struggles, including alcoholism and a harsh demeanor, which strained the bonds of marriage.

One particularly distressing incident stands out, as Lori bravely shared her experience of enduring brutal exploitation at Terrence’s hands. One morning, he subjected her to a violent assault, inflicting punches to her face. In the aftermath of this traumatic event, Lori took decisive action by filing a police report, resulting in Terrence’s arrest and subsequent year-long incarceration.

Lori Mccommas Family Life

In 2003, a divorce was granted due to marital problems. Following their divorce in 2005, they got back together and were married again. Unfortunately, their attempt to be married during the 2007 meeting resulted in yet another divorce.

The three children of the marriage are Aubrey and Heaven, the two daughters, and Hunter, the son.

 Lori’s family expanded when Aubrey became a parent, bringing her grandchildren Hazel (born in December 2012) and Adrian (born in February 2015) into the world.

Terence, Lori’s former spouse, expanded his fatherhood journey with two more children from his marriage to model Mira Pak: Qirin Love (born in 2015) and Hero (born in 2016).

Lori Mccommas Children

Lori McCommas and her ex-husband, Terrence Howard, share a family dynamic similar to that of American reality TV personality Gina Kirschenheiter, with three children maintaining close ties with both parents.

Their eldest, Heaven Howard, exudes charm and works as a public relations expert. Her life is a vivid patchwork of several trips, demonstrating her dedication to seizing every opportunity life presents.

Aubrey Howard, Terrence Howard’s second daughter, embraces a holistic approach to healing and self-improvement. She is openly public about her identity as a queer woman.

color and is happily married. Before this, Aubrey was wed to a man named Billy Gale and had two children from that union.

Completing the trio is Hunter Howard, Lori’s youngest child, who has immersed himself in the realm of music. Notably, he contributed to his father’s music album, showcasing his talents as a musician.

Lori Mccommas Ethnicity

Lori Mccommas, a Caucasian woman, holds strong religious beliefs rooted in the Christian faith. Her love story with Terrence began during their university years, where they forged a deep and meaningful connection. However, as their relationship evolved, they faced challenges and conflicts that tarnished the once-authentic essence of married life.

Lori Was In A DV Incident

Lori, who stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, endured a harrowing domestic violence incident involving her then-estranged husband, Terrence Howard, in 2001. The situation gained public attention when Terrence voiced support for musician Chris Brown, who happens to be the younger brother of Lytrell Bundy.

Reports indicate that during a phone call with Lori, Terrence became enraged when she disconnected the call. He then rushed to her residence and forcefully broke down the door, proceeding to physically assault Lori. Thankfully, Terrence’s brother intervened and halted the violence.

As a result of the incident, Terrence was arrested and detained, although legal proceedings didn’t advance much, a common occurrence in many domestic violence cases.

In 2003, Terrence and Lori concluded their divorce in spite of the upheaval. Remarkably, in 2005, their romance was reignited.

Lori seems to have opted to keep this distressing episode discreet.


Birth and Background: Lori McCommas was born on June 22, 1969, into a well-known American family in New York City, USA. Her parents and early upbringing details are undisclosed, maintaining an air of mystery around her background.

Marriage to Terrence Howard: Lori gained prominence through her marriage to Terrence Howard, a renowned American actor, songwriter, and record producer. Their relationship endured challenges, leading to divorce and subsequent reconciliation attempts.

Education: While details about her educational journey remain private, it is known that Lori attended Henderson High School for her high school education and later crossed paths with Terrence during their time at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Family Life: Lori and Terrence are parents to three children: Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, both have maintained close ties with their children.

Net Worth: Lori’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, primarily stemming from her divorce settlement with Terrence Howard. In contrast, Terrence boasts a net worth of approximately $5 million.

Personal Appearance: Lori is described as a striking brunette with captivating dark eyes, standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. She maintains a gentle demeanor and possesses a curvaceous body shape.


Born on June 22, 1969, in New York City, USA, Lori McCommas became well-known after marrying well-known actor Terrence Howard. Her career is interesting because of her link with celebrities and the challenges she conquered in her private life, even if her history is still unknown.  Lori’s educational path is relatively private, although it is known that she attended Henderson High School and crossed paths with Terrence during their time at Pratt Institute. Her marriage to Terrence, characterized by highs and lows, resulted in three children: Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter. Lori’s net worth is estimated at $2 million, primarily from her divorce settlement, while Terrence boasts a net worth of $5 million.


Who is Lori McCommas? Lori McCommas gained prominence as the former spouse of actor Terrence Howard. She was born in New York City in 1969 and crossed paths with Terrence during their time at Pratt Institute.

What is Lori McCommas’ net worth? Lori’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, primarily from her divorce settlement with Terrence Howard.

How many children does Lori McCommas have? Lori and Terrence are parents to three children: Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter.

What is known about Lori McCommas’ educational background? While details about her education are relatively private, it is known that Lori attended Henderson High School for her high school education.

What is Lori McCommas’ relationship status? Lori is divorced from Terrence Howard, and details about her current relationship status are not publicly available.

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