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Yves Tumor Age, Career, Net Worth, Social Media And Many More

Yves Tumor Introduction

Yves Tumor, a pioneering maestro of music and visionary artist hailing from the United States, has earned widespread accolades for his groundbreaking and avant-garde musical compositions. His array of albums, encompassing “When Humanity Disappoints You,” “Serpentine Melodies,” “Secure Within the Embrace of Affection,” and “Paradise for an Agonized Psyche,” has captivated audiences with their innovative orchestrationYves Tumor’s music is often compared to stars like His Royal Highness and David Bowie, and it stands out for its audacious originality and distinctive flair. Avec plus de 220,000 followers sur Instagram, He continue d’inspirer et de fasciner les passionnés d’art du monde entier avec son approche innovante de l’expression artistique.

Yves Tumor Age

Yves Tumor, the celebrated music producer, originates from Miami, Florida, and came into the world on November 19, 1970, placing him at 52 years of age presently.

Who is Yves Tumor?

Renowned composer Yves Tumor hails from the picturesque locale of Miami, situated in the vibrant state of Florida. Sa naissance le 19 novembre 1970 marque le commencement d’une carrière remarquable qui se poursuit avec succès même à l’âge de 52 ans.

Yves Tumor se distingue comme un innovateur dans le domaine de la musique avant-garde en défiant les normes conventionnelles en tant qu’artiste et producteur His portfolio showcases exceptional opuses such as “When Humanity Betrays,” “Melodic Serpent,” “Harbored within the Sanctuary of Affection,” and “Elysium for an Anguished Psyche.” Critics and aficionados alike have drawn parallels between his auditory tapestries and the legendary compositions of David Bowie and the revered troubadour Prince.

With an extensive following exceeding 159,000 on his Instagram handle, @yvestumor, he owes his burgeoning popularity to an ever-expanding cadre of enthusiasts. His idiosyncratic melodic tapestries perpetually captivate audiences worldwide, ensuring his enduring eminence within the musical sphere.

Yves Tumor Biography

Sa naissance le 19 novembre 1970 marque le commencement d’une carrière remarquable qui se poursuit avec succès même à l’âge de 52 ans. Interestingly, Tumor’s birth name is Sean Bowie, a fact not widely known.

Tumor vient de Miami, en Floride, mais a passé son adolescence à Knoxville, en Tennessee. De plus, peu de choses sur la vie personnelle de Tumor, telles que sa famille, son éducation et d’autres détails de sa biographie, sont connues.


Full NameYves Tumor
Given NameYves
Family NameTumor
OccupationMusic Producer
Birth City/StateFlorida
CountryUnited States
FatherNot known
MotherNot known
Relationship statusUnder review
Currently dating withNot Applicable
Marital StatusUnder review
ReligionUpdate soon
EthnicityUpdate soon
SchoolUpdate soon
UniversityUpdate soon

Yves Tumor Height & Weight

Yves Tumor mesure environ 5 pieds 9 inches, soit environ 1.75 mètres de hauteur. They have deep brown eyes with dark brown hair.

Beyond these descriptors, scant information is available regarding Tumor’s other physical attributes, such as weight, measurements, or clothing size.

Yves Tumor Personal life

Yves Tumor, identifying within the realm of gender non-binary, expresses a preference for the pronouns they/them and he/him. In relation to matters of affection, speculations, or controversies, there exists a conspicuous dearth of information.

Amidst the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the musician found themselves engrossed in the imaginative endeavor of crafting furniture, further delving into their ardor for upholstery.

Yves Tumor Family

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Yves Tumor’s roots trace back to his birthplace. However, it was in Knoxville, Tennessee, where his parents nurtured him, shaping his early years. While proudly embracing American citizenship, his heritage aligns with the Black community.

Concerning his familial background, Yves Tumor opts to maintain a veil of secrecy, choosing not to disclose details about his parents and siblings, thereby safeguarding a measure of privacy regarding his personal affairs.

Yves Tumor Career

Renowned in the field of experimental music, Yves Tumor is now in Turin, Italy.During his artistic journey, he has released four studio albums: “When Man Fails You” (2015), “Serpent Music””Heaven to a Tortured Mind” (2020), “Safe in the Hands of Love” (2018), and “(2016).

À l’âge précoce de 16 ans, Yves Tumor a commencé sa tournée musicale en utilisant la musique comme une illusion de la banalité de sa vie quotidienne. Il an expérimenté les techniques de clavier, de guitare, de basse et de cordes, démontrant ainsi son talent naturel pour la musique. En 2012, Yves Tumor commence une aventure transformative de 2,5 ans à travers Europe et l’Asie après avoir rencontré sa coéquipière Mykki Blanco.

During the early 2010s, Yves Tumor unveiled musical creations under the alias Teams before unveiling the Yves Tumor project in 2015 through an EP for Berlin’s avant-garde club label Janus. His inaugural recording endeavor, “When Man Fails You,” emerged the same year.

En septembre 2016, Yves Tumor a révélé son premier label, “Serpent Music”, après avoir conclu un contrat de recording avec PAN Records. L’album a été créé pendant trois ans à Leipzig, en Allemagne, et a été produit dans divers endroits tels que Berlin, Leipzig, Los Angeles et Miami.

In September 2017, Yves Tumor bestowed upon fans a complimentary compilation CD titled “Experiencing the Deposit of Faith.” Subsequently, a tour announcement heralded his signing with Warp Records, initiating a tour adorned with a mesmerizing multimedia spectacle.

His debut under Warp Records, “Safe in the Hands of Love,” graced the scene in September 2018, featuring revered compositions such as “Lifetime,” “Licking an Orchid,” and “Noid.” The album garnered critical acclaim for its ingenuity and artistic ingenuity.

The luminary’s fourth opus, “Heaven to a Tortured Mind,” saw the light on April 3, 2020, showcasing tracks including the enigmatic “Kerosene.” In a discourse with Michèle Lamy in October 2020, Yves Tumor hinted at forthcoming musical endeavors, including a full-length album and another EP, nearing completion pending final touches.

Come December 2020, Yves Tumor unveiled the single “Let all the toxins that lie in the mud ooze out,” featuring collaborations with Moses Boyd, Kelly Moran, and Kelsey Lu. Furthermore, an EP titled “The Asymptotical World” surfaced in July 2021, co-crafted with Chris Greatti and Yves Rothman, underscoring the artist’s unyielding evolution and artistic prowess.

Yves Tumor Heaven To A Tortured Mind

Yves Tumor unveiled their fourth masterwork, “Paradise to a Tormented Intellect,” to the realm of music on April 3, 2020. Antecedent to this pivotal juncture, they unveiled the individual track “Combustible Substance,” featuring Diana Gordon, on March 3, providing aficionados a glimpse into the forthcoming opus.

The compilation garnered extensive acclaim, particularly from discerning commentators like Alexis Petridis of The Guardian, who bestowed upon it the esteemed designation of “Compilation of the Fortnight.” Petridis extolled the compilation as genuinely “exceptional,” solidifying its status as a noteworthy achievement within Yves Tumor’s lauded repertoire.

Yves’s Tumor Is Safe In The Hands Of Love.

Amidst the ethereal ambience of September 2018, Yves Tumor made a grand entrance onto the esteemed Warp label stage with his inaugural masterpiece titled “Safe in the Embrace of Affection.” Anticipation crescendoed as the release date drew near, tantalizing aficionados with glimpses of brilliance through remarkable singles such as “Noid,” unveiled on the 24th of July, and “Caressing a Blossoming Flower,” a mesmerizing collaboration with the illustrious James K, unveiled on the 29th of August.

The album proved to be a revelation, exceeding expectations and garnering widespread adulation from connoisseurs of auditory artistry, thereby cementing Yves Tumor’s standing as an iconoclastic virtuoso with a visionary approach to music creation.

Achievement Of Yves Tumor

In the middle of the world epidemic in 2020, Yves Tumor discovered an unanticipated passion: upholstery and furniture design. This newfound path developed into a creative haven that gave Yves Tumor a platform outside of music.

From crafting chairs to couches and stools, each piece served as a canvas for their boundless imagination, revealing a versatility that transcended their renown in the music industry.

Yet, Yves Tumor’s journey didn’t halt at furniture design. In July 2021, they astounded fans with the release of their EP titled “The Asymptotical World.” This musical endeavor was a collaborative feat, showcasing the talents of their bandmates, Chris Greatti and Yves Rothman. It’s evident that Yves Tumor’s artistic exploration knows no limits, whether expressed through the harmonies of their melodies or the intricacies of their furniture designs.

Yves Tumor Physical Appearance

Yves Tumor is roughly 5 feet 9 inches tall, translating to around 1.75 meters. Alongside his impressive stature, he’s recognized for his striking features, including deep brown eyes, hair, and a complexion that adds to his unmistakable and individualistic presence.

Yves Tumor Net Worth 

Yves Tumor has attracted considerable attention regarding his estimated net worth, drawing from various reputable sources such as Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, among others.

Yves Tumor is reportedly quite wealthy, with estimates of his net worth hovering around $5 million. His lucrative job as a musician, where he has received substantial recognition and success over the years, is his main source of income.

Of particular note is Yves Tumor’s association with Yeezy shoes, which has contributed approximately $3 million to his earnings. While there have been instances of exaggerated claims regarding his business ventures in the past, his overall earnings still position him among the top-earning celebrities in history.

In addition, Yves Tumor keeps up a robust social media presence, which helps his financial situation. All things considered, his wealth is evidence of his accomplishments in the music business as well as the entertainment industry at large.

Yves Tumor Relationship

Yves Tumor, who identifies as gender non-binary and prefers the pronouns they/them and he/him, has kept their romantic relationships, rumors, and scandals private. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the musician found themselves immersed in designing furniture and expanding their interest in upholstery.

Yves Tumor Social Media

Let’s now investigate Yves Tumor’s social media profile online. Since making their Twitter debut in April 2011, Yves Tumor has amassed over 29.3K devoted followers on their @YvesTumor account. With more than 159K followers on Instagram, their @yvestumor page boasts an even more amazing following.

Taking their musical journey to YouTube, Yves Tumor’s channel, named “Yves Tumor,” has captivated over 43.3K subscribers and an impressive 7.4 million views. Clearly, their artistic endeavors are striking a chord with a global audience.

And not to forget, Yves Tumor’s Facebook profiles serve as a hub for over 25.8K followers who eagerly follow the artist’s path and creative expression. Their online presence truly reflects the widespread appreciation for their unique music and artistry.


Birthdate and Age: Yves Tumor, the renowned music producer and visionary artist, was born on November 19, 1970. As of [current date], he is 52 years old.

Birthplace: Yves Tumor originates from Miami, Florida, and spent his adolescence in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Real Name: Interestingly, Yves Tumor’s birth name is Sean Bowie, a fact not widely known.


One of the pioneers of the music industry, Yves Tumor, is well known for his avant-garde and creative musical compositions. around his decades-long career, he has put out a number of CDs that have captured the attention of listeners all around the world. Even though Yves Tumor chooses to keep his personal affairs somewhat private, his influence on the music industry is evident, and his creative pursuits never cease to enthrall and inspire people all over the world.


How old is Yves Tumor?

A: Yves Tumor was born on November 19, 1970, making him 52 years old as of [current date].

What is Yves Tumor’s real name?

A: Yves Tumor’s real name is Sean Bowie, although he is widely known by his stage name.

Where is Yves Tumor from?

A: Yves Tumor hails from Miami, Florida, but spent his adolescence in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What are Yves Tumor’s notable achievements in music?

A: Yves Tumor has released several acclaimed albums, including “When Humanity Disappoints You,” “Serpentine Melodies,” “Secure Within the Embrace of Affection,” and “Paradise for an Agonized Psyche.” His innovative approach to music has drawn comparisons to iconic artists such as David Bowie and Prince.

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