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Clary Fisher: Biography, Career, Net Worth & More Information

Who is Clary Fisher?

You might remember Clary Fisher if you’ve been following Simon Konecki, Adele’s ex-husband, in his personal life. Clary, the well-known mother and ex-wife of his daughter, has already garnered media attention. But aside from her relationship with Konecki, who is Clary Fisher? We’ll cover everything you need to know about this mother of two and fashion stylist in this blog post. Now take a seat, unwind, and learn more about Clary Fisher!


Full NameClary Fisher
First NameClary
Last NameFisher
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Birth CitySwindon, Wiltshire
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseSimon Konecki
Relation WithPaul Collicutt

Clary Fisher Net Worth

Clary Fisher undoubtedly earns a substantial income as a stylist.According to research, the average annual salary for a fashion stylist in the United States is rather high—between $44,000 and $664,000. Her net worth is probably in the hundreds of thousands of dollars given her generous salary.


Being a celebrity, Clary likely pays special attention to her health to maintain a flawless physique and ideal body measurements.She weighs little more than 59 kg on average and is characterized as a gorgeous woman with a thin physique, measuring about 5 feet 3 inches tall. She hasn’t, however, revealed specifics like her shoe size, hip, waist, or other bodily measures.


Within the fashion industry, Clary Fisher is well-known for her skill as a stylist and designer.Her artwork amply displays her superb sense of detail and color coordination. Before enrolling at the University of Arts, London, to pursue her fashion design degree, she attended the prestigious London College of Fashion.

Clary has a prosperous business in personal style and is also an avid yoga practitioner and supporter of environmental sustainability. She hails from Hove, where she continues to thrive in her professional endeavors.

Clary Fisher Career

British novelist and editor Clary Fisher is well-known in the literary community.Her most well-known achievement is that she was the founder and editor of Literary Hub, a popular website with news, book reviews, and author interviews. Before starting Literary Hub, Clary worked as an editor for several prestigious publishing houses, such as Bloomsbury and Faber & Faber. Clary writes publications, such as “The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure” and “The Glory of Life,” in addition to her editorial duties. Her writing is praised for its wit and perceptive criticism of modern civilization. Clary likes to keep a low profile and keep her personal life private despite her success in her career. While she is often associated with her former marriage to Simon Konecki, Clary’s achievements in the literary field have earned her respect and admiration from peers and readers alike.

Fashion Stylist

With a lot of expertise in the field, Clary Fisher has made a name for herself as a self-employed stylist and fashion designer. Her ability to create beautiful looks has been demonstrated via her collaborations with several well-known performers throughout the years.

On her Instagram page, Clary proudly showcases her creations, demonstrating her passion for her craft. Her professional achievements speak for themselves, and we can only anticipate further success for her in the future.

Early Life

Clary is known for being one of the most private celebrity wives, preferring to keep a low profile. She has maintained this quiet demeanor both before and after her marriage to Simon Konecki, a well-known actor.

Clary Fisher is private by nature and shies away from the spotlight and unneeded attention.She has withheld all details about her early years, including her birthplace and date, in an attempt to maintain the privacy of her personal life.

There is no information available about Clary’s siblings or her parents’ names on any public platform. Despite her fans’ curiosity about her family background, Clary has chosen not to share these details. Her early life is known to have included her birth in February and her upbringing in Hove. Clary is British by nationality and has a mixed ethnic background.


Clary Fisher’s income and net worth remain undisclosed. While she may not be among the highest earners, her successful career as a fashion stylist and her associations with notable individuals likely contribute to her financial stability. Despite her professional success, Clary prefers to maintain a low profile on social media and keep her personal life private, away from the public eye.

Clary Fisher Husband

Clary’s spouse, Paul Collicutt, is a renowned illustrator with a long-standing career. He pursued illustration at Brighton College of Art and has been creating artwork since 1984. His picture book, This Train, even earned him the prestigious Parent’s Gold Choice Award in the United States. Paul operates his illustration business from Brighton, East Sussex. Previously, he coached at the BMC Races and the Brighton Phoenix Track Open.

The couple’s child, Bob Collicutt, is happily married to Clary. In honor of Bob’s memory, Paul and Clary participate in marathon walks to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Paul completed the 26-mile South Coast Mighty Hike 2022 full marathon on June 11, 2022. Clary also joined in a complete marathon during the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2022 on September 10, 2022.

Clary Fisher’s Divorce

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki tied the knot in 2004 after falling in love. Initially residing on The Highway in East London, they later moved to Flask Walk. Konecki, a former leading senior broker at Lehman Brothers, decided to leave the firm in 2005. Georgie was the couple’s first child, born in 2006. After relocating to Brighton, Konecki co-founded a firm selling ethically bottled water. However, his dedication to his career began to strain their marriage as it took time away from their family.

According to Daily Mail reports, Fisher wasn’t happy when they moved to Brighton, and Konecki’s desire to be nearer to his family was the main factor in the choice to move. Despite their 2009 divorce, Fisher and Konecki have been co-parenting their daughter ever since. There were reports of an affair between Konecki and singer Adele before to their divorce, and Konecki began dating the singer following their divorce.

ex-husband Simon and Adele’s marriage

Later, Adele disputed these allegations, saying that Konecki and her had only begun dating four years after his split from Fisher.Simon, Adele’s ex-husband, stated in 2011 that he initially got to know her through English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. October 19, 2012, saw the birth of their first child. There were rumors circulating in 2014 that Simon had left their London home. Adele informed her admirers not to believe everything they read while assuring them that they were still together.

Adele said in a 2016 interview that she was in the most dedicated relationship of her life at the time—that with Simon. Everything changed, though, when they married in a covert ceremony in 2018. An informant claims that the pair battled for years before making their formal split announcement in April 2019, over seven years after their initial marriage.Their marriage was doomed from the beginning. Adele candidly discussed recognizing she needs a divorce with Oprah Winfrey during her “Adele One Night Only” CBS special.

When Winfrey asked if there was a specific moment of realization, Adele recalled a moment with her friends answering questions from Bougie magazine. One question asked, “what’s something no one would ever know about you?Adele acknowledged that she was miserable and that she was only existing on a surface level. Despite the swift end to her marriage, she expressed embarrassment over the failure of her marriage.

Their exact wedding date remains unclear, but Adele and Simon had been married for several years. Adele gave birth to their second daughter, whose name hasn’t been disclosed, during her second marriage to her second husband.

Clary Fisher Has Two Daughters

 Clary’s rewarding personal life has paralleled her successful career as a stylist. She and Simon welcomed their first child in 2007, but they haven’t revealed any information about them, including who the child is. Clary has a close-knit family and enjoys a good rapport with her parents, who are now proud grandparents to her first kid.

Clary’s romance with Paul also blossomed into fatherhood, and they welcomed their second child together. She frequently posts pictures of her two kids on social media to show off how much love and happiness they bring into her life. With their children, Paul and Clary have created a loving family with strong bonds.

Clary’s Simon Married Adele After Divorce With Her

Clary went on and wed English singer-songwriter Adele following his divorce from Simon.They began dating, but kept it quiet, in the middle of 2011.Many of Adele’s fans were taken aback when she revealed she was getting married at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Regretfully, their union proved short-lived, as they declared their divorce in April 2019. On September 13, 2019, Adele formally filed for divorce; their separation was confirmed on March 4, 2021.Their breakup’s reason is yet unknown. On October 19, 2012, Adele and Simon welcomed a son, Angelo James, into their union. They are still dedicated to sharing parenting of their son in spite of their separation.

Clary Fisher Marital Life

When Simon Konecki and Clary Fisher were young neighbors in Hove, East Sussex, England, their romance began. They shared the same circle of friends throughout their childhood, and as years passed, their bond got closer and more durable. They had been friends for years before getting married in 2004 and had a daughter soon after. But Simon’s rigorous work as CEO of Drop4Drop, which involved a lot of travel, caused stress in their marriage. Only four years into their marriage, Clary and Simon’s divorce was finalized in 2008, despite their best attempts. Their daughter was split between them, but out of respect for her privacy, Clary decided not to reveal the identify of her kid. With Paul Collicutt, an illustrator and coach of athletics, Clary fell in love once more. 

They were married in a magnificent seaside ceremony in East Sussex in July of 2016. Clary tweeted a picture from their wedding and expressed her happiness, confirming their connection. Simon, meanwhile, moved on and started dating Adele, the well-known vocalist behind singles like “Easy on Me.” Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran introduced them in 2011, and in October of 2012, their son, Angelo Adkins, was born. Even though they appeared to be happy together and Adele bought a house in Beverly Hills next to Simon’s, their marriage ended in divorce in 2019, with the settlement occurring in 2021. Adele’s 2021 release, “Easy on Me,” is said to be a reflection of her feelings and experiences throughout her divorce from Simon, emphasizing the difficulties and feelings associated within their separation.

Clary Fisher Ex-Husband

Former Clary Fisher spouse Simon Konecki is an Aries, born April 17, 1974, in New York. He is 49 years old. His charitable enterprise endeavors are well-known, especially since he was a co-founder of Drop4Drop, a nonprofit that aims to supply impoverished communities in developing nations with safe water. 

of now, Simon holds the position of CEO of Drop4Drop, an organization that has garnered support from prominent individuals including Sid Owen and Stephen Fry. After marrying Adele, Simon became more well-known; however, in 2021, their marriage broke down. His decision to have a low profile and stay out of the spotlight has been made ever since.

She is a mother

Mother of two and well-known fashion stylist Clary Fisher leads a somewhat quiet life, especially when it comes to her kids.The circumstances surrounding the birth of her first kid in 2007 remain unknown, despite the fact that her second child was born in 2012. Clary has styled numerous well-known musicians on the side and regularly shares her work on social media. Originally from England, Clary attended the London College of Fashion to study fashion design before establishing herself as a well-known celebrity stylist. Clary would rather make her family background a private matter, even though fans are curious about it. Clary recently disclosed that she shares custody of a daughter with British businessman Simon Konecki, who is well-known for his previous union with American singer Adele. 

currently resides with them. Clary and Simon divorced in 2004, and Simon is also the father of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s son.In the fashion business, Clary is well-liked and a source of inspiration for many. She has a devoted following on Instagram thanks to her profession as a stylist, where she posts updates and engages with followers. While Clary’s professional life thrives, she remains discreet about her personal life and net worth, leaving fans curious about her background. Clary has a strong influence in the fashion industry despite leading a modest life; her social media presence is a reflection of her inventiveness and charitable endeavors. Clary has a sizable social media following, and her admirers frequently repost her images and leave her encouraging remarks.

Social Media

Clary Fisher maintains an online presence solely through Instagram, where she has approximately 348 followers. On this platform, she shares insights into both her personal and professional life.

Facts :

  1. Full Name: Clary Fisher
  2. Nationality: British
  3. Birth City: Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
  4. Gender Identity: Female
  5. Sexual Orientation: Straight
  6. Marital Status: Divorced
  7. Spouse: Simon Konecki
  8. Children: 2
  9. Height: Approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall
  10. Weight: Approximately 59 kg
  11. Profession: Celebrity Ex-Wife
  12. Education: Attended London College of Fashion and University of Arts, London
  13. Career: Known for her work as a stylist and fashion designer, as well as her role as founder and editor of Literary Hub
  14. Social Media: Active on Instagram with around 348 followers


British native Clary Fisher is well-known in the literary and fashion worlds. Even though she was a private person, Adele’s ex-husband Simon Konecki’s friendship with her brought her notice. Clary is a gifted stylist and designer who is well-known for her inventiveness and attention to detail. As the creator and editor of Literary Hub, she has also left her impact on the literary community. Clary would rather keep personal information about herself and her family confidential, particularly information about her early years. She keeps a minimal presence on social media; her single account on Instagram provides glimpses into her working life.

FAQs :

Who is Clary Fisher?

Clary Fisher is a British celebrity ex-wife, known for her work as a stylist, fashion designer, and editor.

What is Clary Fisher’s profession?

Clary Fisher is a stylist, fashion designer, and former editor, known for her work in the fashion and literary industries.

Is Clary Fisher active on social media?

Yes, Clary Fisher is active on Instagram, where she shares insights into her personal and professional life.

Who is Clary Fisher’s ex-husband?

Clary Fisher’s ex-husband is Simon Konecki, who is known for his previous marriage to singer Adele.

How many children does Clary Fisher have?

Clary Fisher has two children, but she has not revealed many details about them to maintain their privacy.

What is Clary Fisher’s net worth?

Clary Fisher’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but her successful career in fashion and associations with notable individuals likely contribute to her financial stability.

Where does Clary Fisher reside?

Clary Fisher is originally from England and is known to have lived in Hove. However, her current place of residence is not publicly known.

What is Clary Fisher’s educational background?

Clary Fisher attended the London College of Fashion and later pursued a fashion design degree at the University of Arts, London.

What is Clary Fisher’s height and weight?

Clary Fisher is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 59 kg.

What is Clary Fisher’s relationship status?

Clary Fisher is divorced from Simon Konecki and is currently married to Paul Collicutt.

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