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Renee Nelson Biography And Wikipedia

Renee Nelson, a familiar face in American journalism, gained recognition as the former co-anchor for FOX 10 News in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to her stint at FOX 10, she carved her path as a correspondent, morning anchor, and general assignment reporter at KTVN ABC News in San Diego, California. Beyond her professional journey, Renee proudly identifies as a new Phoenician and carries a deep passion for the Arizona Cardinals. In a true display of fandom, she even embarked on a journey to witness the team in action during the thrilling 2008 Superbowl season.

Renee Nelson Age And Birthday

We don’t have the exact age of Renee just yet, but Nelson is around 38 years old as of 2024. We’re still waiting on more info about Renee’s age and birthdate, and as soon as we get the scoop from a reliable source, we’ll spill the beans!

Renee Nelson Family

Nelson’s got a brother who used to put in time with the Arizona Cardinals. Despite being pretty tight-lipped about her folks and siblings, she’s made it clear that she prefers to keep her family out of the public eye.

Renee Nelson Husband

Nelson is happily married, keeping her husband’s name private. The couple shares the joy of raising four wonderful children together. In interviews, Nelson consistently praises her spouse as the best partner. In her leisure time, she finds enjoyment in doing unconventional activities, reading aloud, and daydreaming about staying active.

Renee Baby | Children

Renee joyfully embraced the arrival of her second child while diligently serving as a news intern at KTVN ABC News. Alongside her husband, the couple now finds themselves blessed with four beautiful children, whose identities remain a private treasure for the time being. As soon as more information about the children becomes available and confirmed, we’ll be sure to share those delightful details.

Full NameRenee Nelson
ProfessionAmerican News Journalist
Former EmployerKTVN ABC News (San Diego, California)
Current EmployerFOX 10 News (Phoenix, Arizona)
PositionCo-anchor for Arizona Morning and Weekday News at FOX 10 News
Career DurationJoined FOX 10 News in September 2018
Previous RolesCorrespondent, Morning Anchor, General Assignment Reporter at KTVN ABC News
EducationDetails not disclosed, kept private
Age (2024)Approximately 38 years old
BirthdateNot available, details undisclosed
FamilyBrother worked for the Arizona Cardinals; Parents and siblings’ names not disclosed
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseHusband’s name not disclosed
ChildrenFour children, identities undisclosed
Height5 feet 7 inches tall
Social MediaTwitter: 3.7k followers, Instagram: 2.4k followers, Facebook: 4k followers
FOX 10 JoiningJoined FOX 10 News at the end of 2018
SalaryAnnual salary range: $75,000 – $150,000 (as per FOX 10 News anchors/reporters’ salaries)
Net WorthEstimated at $1 Million
InterestsEnjoys activities she’s not supposed to, reading out loud, fantasizing about exercising

Renee Nelson Education

Our inquiry reveals that Renee has effectively safeguarded information about her early life and education. However, we will share additional details about her educational background as soon as we obtain and confirm the information.

Renee Nelson Height

Nelson stands at a height of 5 Feet and 7 inches tall.

Renee Nelson’s Social Media Platforms

Nelson is very active on social media platforms and has over 3.7k followers on Twitter, 2.4k followers on Instagram, and over 4k followers on Facebook.

Renee Nelson Fox 10 News Anchor

Nelson is currently rocking it as a co-anchor for the lively Arizona Morning newscasts on FOX 10 news. She became a part of the FOX 10 family in late 2018, making a stylish exit from her previous gig at ABC. Renee has quite the morning news pedigree, having spent nearly a decade as the morning desk anchor and reporter at ABC San Diego.

But here’s the cool backstory: Renee didn’t just stroll into her anchor role. Nope, she hustled her way up the ranks. Back in the day, she kicked off her journey at the station as an intern reporter and fill-in anchor. Talk about climbing the news ladder from the ground up!

Renee Nelson Salary

Renee Nelson receives an annual salary of $75,000-150,000. This is according to FOX 10 News anchors’/reporters’ salaries.

Renee Nelson’s Net Worth

Nelson has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Her career as a News anchor is her primary source of income.

Renee Nelson Career

Nelson is a dedicated American News Journalist currently serving as a co-anchor at Fox 10 News for the Arizona morning hours and weekdays news since September 2018. From 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m., she keeps viewers informed, and she also co-anchors the noon news segment. Prior to her role at Fox 10 News, Nelson made significant contributions as an anchor at ABC in San Diego, California, where she held the morning live desk.

Her connection to the Arizona Cardinals runs deep, sparked by her brother’s involvement with the team. The bond became even stronger when Renee accompanied the team’s Friends & Family to the Super Bowl during the 2008 season. Beyond her professional life, Renee has a penchant for doing things outside the norm, reading aloud, and daydreaming about getting active. As a recent resident of Phoenix and a devoted Arizona Cardinals fan, she brings a unique passion to both her personal and professional endeavors.


Renee Nelson is an American news journalist, widely recognized for her role as the co-anchor for FOX 10 News in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to joining FOX 10, she had a successful career at KTVN ABC News in San Diego, California. Born around 1986, she is approximately 38 years old in 2024. Renee is happily married and has four children, keeping her family life private. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and is actively engaged on social media platforms with thousands of followers.

In terms of education, details about Renee’s early life and educational background are not disclosed. Her career in journalism has seen her rise from an intern reporter and fill-in anchor to her current position as the co-anchor for Arizona Morning and Weekday News at FOX 10.


  1. What is Renee Nelson’s age?

Renee Nelson is around 38 years old as of 2024.

  1. Who is Renee Nelson married to?

Renee Nelson is happily married, but her husband’s name is kept private.

  1. How many children does Renee Nelson have?

Renee Nelson and her husband have four children, and their identities remain undisclosed.

  1. What is Renee Nelson’s current position at FOX 10 News?

Renee Nelson is the co-anchor for Arizona Morning and Weekday News at FOX 10 News.

  1. What is Renee Nelson’s salary?

Renee Nelson’s annual salary at FOX 10 News is in the range of $75,000 to $150,000.

  1. What is Renee Nelson’s net worth?

Renee Nelson’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, primarily from her career as a news anchor.

  1. What are Renee Nelson’s interests?

Renee enjoys activities outside the norm, reading aloud, and daydreaming about staying active. She is also a passionate Arizona Cardinals fan.

  1. What is Renee Nelson’s career background?

Renee Nelson started as an intern reporter and fill-in anchor, climbing the ranks to become a co-anchor at FOX 10 News. She previously worked at ABC in San Diego, California.

  1. Is Renee Nelson active on social media?

Yes, Renee Nelson is active on social media platforms, with over 3.7k followers on Twitter, 2.4k on Instagram, and over 4k on Facebook.

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