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Who is Barbara Rouf? Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth & More Detail


Barbara Rouf, tambien conocida como “Fearless Car Racing Girl”, se ha convertido en una figura emblematique en el fascinante mundo des carreras automobiles. En un domaine traditionnellement dominé par les hommes, elle se distingue par sa determination incroyable, son expertise inegalee dans l’atelier et sa passion inébranlable pour la vitesse. En esta pieza, examinaremos en detalle la carrera excepcional de Barbara Rouf, destacando sus logros, los desafíos que ha superado y la marca duradera qu’elle a laissée en el circuit de la course.

Who is Barbara Rouf?

Barbara Rouf, tambien conocida como la “Chica de Carreras sin miedo”, es una figura conocida en el mundo del motor. She has established a notable presence in the industry thanks to her exceptional driving skills and unwavering determination. Barbara’s resilience and passion have left a lasting impact on the racing circuit, inspiring enthusiasts globally, despite challenges in a male-dominated field.

Barbara Rouf Biography

Barbara Rouf, tambien conocida como la chica de carrera de autos sin miedo, nacio en 1944 en California, Estados Unidos. Despite obstacles in a field dominated by men, she gained recognition as a drag racing queen in the 1960s. Throughout her career, Barbara emphasized teamwork and safety. Tragicamente, fallecio antes de tiempo, dejando una herencia que sigue inspirando a los corredores ambiciosos en todo el mundo.

Barbara Rouf Early Life 

Barbara se sintio muy atraída por los automóviles rapidos desde una edad temprana, así como por las competencias emocionantes y la emoción que acompanaban. She would watch races on TV for hours and dream of one day becoming a professional race car driver herself.

Barbara Rouf Wiki

Full nameBarbara Roufs
Date of birth1944
Age47 years (as of 1991)
Death date1991
Place of birthCalifornia, United States
Sexual orientationStraight
Height5 feet 5 inches
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
ProfessionDrag race trophy girl
DaughterJet Dougherty
SiblingsVivian Deaton, James, Bruce, and Ben Gube
ParentsWayne Eldon and Thelma Ruby Riley

Barbara Rouf Education

Barbara Roufs’s educational background remains undisclosed, as details regarding her schooling, college or university, and educational qualifications are not available.

Barbara Rouf Age

Barbara nació en 1944 en California, Estados Unidos. Desafortunadamente, fallecio a los 47 anos. Ella medía cinco pies y cinco inches de altura.

Barbara Rouf Height

La altura de Barbara Roufs no se proporciona en centímetros, metros o pies y centímetros. De manera similar, su peso no se indica en tanto en kilogramos como en libras. Additionally, there are no details about her body measurements, eye color, hair color, and shoe size.

Barbara Rouf Family

Eldon Riley y Ruby Riles fueron los padres de Rouf. Her mother owned a beauty salon in Clovis and was the organist of the Church of the Nazarene. Desafortunadamente, fallecio en 2005, varios años despues de la muerte de Barbara.

Ella y su padre compitieron en el Kearney Bowl en motocicletas. In addition, he owned a houseboat and enjoyed fishing. Rouf y sus padres fueron los primeros en ser inducidos al Clovis Hall of Fame.

Barbara Rouf Barbara Roufs’ Marriage 

Barbara Rouf, la famosa campeona de drag racing, experimentó las alegrías del matrimonioy la maternidad después de haber sido casada y bendecida con un hijo. Pero la identidad de su esposo sigue siendo un misterio, agregando una dimensión enigmática a su vida personal. Barbara’s dedication to her family and her passion for racing remained unwavering, reflecting her multifaceted persona both on and off the racetrack, despite this ambiguity.

Barbara Roufs Husband, Affairs, and More

The available information concerning Barbara Roufs’ relationships proves to be insufficient, rendering it challenging to ascertain any concrete conclusions about her romantic past. Despite being hailed as one of the era’s most beautiful and adored women, details regarding her love life remain elusive. It’s evident that Barbara’s allure and charisma could easily captivate the hearts of many, prompting admiration and desire for companionship.

 However, due to the scarcity of information surrounding her personal relationships, drawing definitive conclusions about her romantic history proves to be an elusive task.

Barbara Roufs’ Dougherty

Jet Dougherty is Barbar’s daughter, but she didn’t get notoriety until 2016—that is, when renowned photographer Tom West shared old pictures of Roufs when she was still a trophy girl. Jet talked adoringly of her mother and how she had a fulfilling life.

Barbara Rouf Career

Barbara Roufs sadly lost away in 1991, but her memory lives on in the minds of drag racing enthusiasts. Her narrative perfectly captures the long history of drag racing, a sport whose unique combination of ability, speed, and technological innovation has captivated spectators across the globe.

Barbara Rouf Net Worth

Barbara Roufs’s net worth and salary are not disclosed, leaving her financial details undisclosed.

Barbara Rouf  Death

In the early 1970s, as drag racing entered a new era following the golden period of the 1960s, Barbara Roufs emerged onto the scene as a trophy girl. This was a time when the prevailing model of automobiles had evolved, with fuelers replacing the traditional dragsters where the driver sat behind the motor.

The quality and texture of automobiles had undergone significant improvements over time, mirroring the advancements in the sport itself. Alongside this, the attire and appearance of race attendants had also evolved. Women sported long hair, shorter shorts, and outfits that were more revealing, sometimes leading to unexpected incidents like bras catching fire.

Barbara Roufs epitomized the style of the era with her wide, straightened hair, casual freedom tanks, and ’60s gogo boots. In the backdrop of Doug Kruse’s Professional Dragster Association events on the streets of California, it was only fitting that women with Barbara’s height, physique, and beauty would assume the role she did.

Her presence breathed life into the races, injecting enthusiasm into the crowd and solidifying her reputation as an integral part of the drag racing culture of the time.


Birth and Early Life: Barbara Rouf, born in 1944 in California, United States, developed a passion for fast cars and thrilling competitions from a young age.

Drag Racing Queen: Despite challenges in a male-dominated field, Barbara gained recognition as a drag racing queen during the 1960s, showcasing exceptional driving skills and determination.

Family Background: Barbara was the daughter of Wayne Eldon and Thelma Ruby Riley, and she had siblings named Vivian Deaton, James, Bruce, and Ben Gube.

Career as a Trophy Girl: Barbara Rouf emerged as a prominent figure in drag racing during the 1970s, serving as a trophy girl and adding vibrancy to the racing scene with her presence.

Legacy: Barbara Rouf’s emphasis on teamwork and safety, along with her passion for speed, left a lasting impact on the racing circuit, inspiring enthusiasts worldwide.

Premature Passing: Tragically, Barbara Rouf passed away in 1991 at the age of 47, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire ambitious racers globally.

Motherhood: Barbara was a mother to a daughter named Jet Dougherty, who fondly reminisced about her mother’s fulfilling life and contributions to drag racing.

Personal Life: Despite being hailed as one of the era’s most beautiful and adored women, details about Barbara Rouf’s personal relationships, including her marriage, remain largely undisclosed, adding an enigmatic dimension to her life story.


Barbara Rouf, the “Fearless Car Racing Girl,” was a trailblazer in the world of motor racing.  Her outstanding abilities, unwavering perseverance, and intense love of speed created a lasting impression on the racing world. Barbara overcame obstacles in a field dominated by men, but her legacy lives on as a source of inspiration for racing fans everywhere.


What was Barbara Rouf’s full name?

Barbara Roufs was her full name.

When and where was Barbara Rouf born?

Barbara Rouf was born in 1944 in California, United States.

What was Barbara Rouf’s profession?

Barbara Rouf was known as a drag race trophy girl.

Who were Barbara Rouf’s parents?

Barbara Rouf’s parents were Wayne Eldon and Thelma Ruby Riley.

Did Barbara Rouf have any siblings?

Yes, Barbara Rouf had siblings named Vivian Deaton, James, Bruce, and Ben Gube.

When did Barbara Rouf pass away?

Barbara Rouf passed away in 1991 at the age of 47.

Did Barbara Rouf have any children?

Yes, Barbara Rouf had a daughter named Jet Dougherty.

What was Barbara Rouf’s significance in drag racing?

Barbara Rouf was a prominent figure in drag racing, known for her role as a trophy girl and her contribution to the sport’s culture and enthusiasm during the 1960s and 1970s.

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