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Who are Zach Edey parents? Biography, Family, Career, Net Worth & More

Who are Zach Edey parents?

Zach Edey’s parental figures answer to Julia and Glen Edey. Julia, his maternal figure, pursues a career in mechanical engineering. The roots of Zach Edey’s lineage are diverse. His maternal parent hails from Chinese migrants settled in Toronto, whereas his paternal ancestor belongs to the Caucasian demographic.

Additionally, Zach Edey boasts a younger sibling by the name of Doug. It’s noteworthy that Doug Edey shares his brother’s passion for athletic pursuits.

Who is Zach Edey’s Mom?

Julia Edey, the mother of Zach Edey, boasts an appearance with distinctive Asian facial features, though her manner of speech resonates with a quintessential Canadian accent devoid of any discernible Asian inflections.

Preferring to maintain a veil of secrecy around her lineage and formative years, Julia refrains from sharing details about her parents or early upbringing, leaving observers to speculate about that chapter of her life. While we are aware of her four siblings, specifics regarding her parents remain elusive – their identities, professions, and motivations behind relocating from their country of origin to Canada shrouded in mystery.

Possessing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Julia reportedly dedicated a number of years to the field of Nuclear Engineering in Canada. However, her recent decisions to prioritize supporting her son, including uprooting her life to the United States to bolster his burgeoning basketball career, underscore the sacrifices she’s made on a personal level.

During an interview on BoilersUp, Beer Down – the official YouTube channel affiliated with her son’s basketball team – Julia described herself as a retired engineer, indicating her departure from a presumably successful career in the nuclear sector to actively nurture her son’s athletic aspirations.

She also revealed her own basketball background during her high school years, attributing her towering stature as a defining factor in her son’s decision to pursue a career in the sport. Furthermore, Julia played a pivotal role in guiding Zach to select his current educational institution from a plethora of basketball scholarship offers he received.

How Tall is Zach Edey’s Mom?

Inquiries persist among aficionados regarding the origins of Zach Edey’s towering stature, standing at an impressive 7 feet 4 inches. Insight into his maternal lineage reveals his mother’s noteworthy height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m), a substantial measure indeed, yet significantly dwarfed by her son’s remarkable elevation. Hence, it becomes evident that Zach Edey’s predisposition towards loftiness finds its roots, in part, within the genetic endowment from his maternal descent.

Acknowledging the collaborative nature of genetic inheritance, it becomes apparent that attributing Zach Edey’s exceptional stature solely to his maternal genes would be an oversimplification. The conspicuous height differential between him and his mother, apparent at the tender age of 20, suggests a contribution from his paternal lineage as well. Regrettably, lacking precise data on the stature of Zach’s father, it remains elusive to gauge the magnitude of his paternal genetic influence on his imposing stature.

Julia Edey, demonstrating unwavering support for her son’s athletic endeavors, exhibits her devotion by crafting T-shirts emblazoned with “Big Maple,” a moniker inspired by Zach’s Canadian heritage. Distributing these garments to spectators during his games, she exemplifies both warmth and humility, endearing herself to the YouTube TV audience of her son’s team. Admirably described as an interviewer’s delight, her affable demeanor has prompted requests for her frequent return to the online platform.

Who Is Zach Edey’s Dad?

The singular verifiable data concerning Zach Edey’s progenitor pertains solely to his designation as Glen Edey. Adjacent to this detail lies an additional fragment of insight suggesting his ardent allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers, a prominent American football franchise, implying a predilection towards athletic pursuits.

No photographic depictions of him are extant within the public domain. He has never graced the milieu of his progeny’s athletic encounters, nor has he participated in any photographic records alongside his offspring. Furthermore, given his obscured countenance, one might speculate the likelihood of his incidental capture in photographic compositions surrounding his progeny, yet he has seemingly elected to preserve his anonymity, for motives undisclosed.

Julia and Glen Edey’s height

Zach Edey’s paternal progenitor stands at an altitude exceeding 6 feet, entrenched in the realm of athleticism with a notable affinity for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Julia Edey, of towering stature measuring 6 feet 3 inches, actively engaged in the sport of basketball during her formative years.

Edey Purdue Ethnicity

Zach Edey entered this world amidst the urban landscapes of Toronto, Canada, where his existence was marked by the fusion of two diverse lineages, with his maternal heritage tracing back to the depths of Chinese ancestry, while his paternal roots lay within the realms of European descent, encapsulating the essence of a truly amalgamated ethnicity.

Julia, the matriarch of his familial domain, once traversed the corridors of mechanical engineering before gracefully embracing the mantle of retirement, yet her maternal devotion knows no bounds as she graces the precincts of nearly every sporting spectacle wherein her towering offspring commands the stage, adorned with garments bearing the moniker “The Big Maple,” a testament to his imposing stature and commanding presence amidst the arena of competition.

In a dialogue unfurled with the esteemed Canadian Press, the collegiate luminary harkened back to the symbiotic bond he shares with his maternal progenitor, regaling the tale of a pivotal pact consummated subsequent to his ascension to the echelons of Division 1 scholarship, a testament to the filial ties that bind and the unyielding support that propels him ever forward.

Why did Zach Edey hate Basket Ball?

In the odyssey of Zach Edey towards basketball, an unconventional odyssey unfurled, tethered to his aversion to customary expectations. Despite his towering stature, he resisted the gravitational pull of basketball in his formative years, opting instead for forays into domains such as baseball and hockey. For Zach, the relentless insistence to embrace basketball solely due to his lofty height felt stifling, instigating a rebellion against the prevalent narrative.

Nevertheless, with the passage of time, circumstances metamorphosed. At the tender age of 14, Zach’s towering height proved to be an impediment in the realm of hockey, compelling him to reassess his athletic voyage. With aspirations entrenched in college baseball, he appeared destined for a divergent trajectory altogether.

However, serendipity intervened. A fortuitous opportunity materialized for Zach to refine his athletic prowess at the esteemed IMG Academy situated in Florida, albeit this time in the domain of basketball. Despite harboring initial reservations, fueled by homesickness and an ache for familial bonds, Zach found himself at a pivotal crossroads.

It was the matriarchal figure of his life, Julia, who wielded a profound influence in shaping Zach’s pivotal choice. Discerning his inner turmoil and acknowledging the myriad sacrifices he had undertaken, she delicately nudged him towards embracing basketball wholeheartedly. Her words of solace and encouragement, particularly resonant in the aftermath of festive seasons where Zach yearned for familial proximity during occasions such as Thanksgiving, reverberated profoundly within him.

Ultimately, Zach Edey’s expedition into the realm of basketball transcended mere exhibition of talent or physical acumen; it epitomized a saga of tenacity, familial fortification, and the audacity to contravene entrenched norms.

Who is Zach Edey?

The luminary hailing from Canada entered the world stage on the 14th of May in the year 2002, amidst the vibrant cityscape of Toronto, nestled within the province of Ontario, Canada. Zach commenced his educational journey at Leaside High School, subsequently advancing towards Purdue University, where he presently delves into the realm of organisational leadership. During his formative years, the Toronto native indulged in the realms of baseball and ice hockey. However, as he burgeoned in stature, rendering baseball impractical due to his towering height, he gravitated towards basketball during his sophomore year in high school. Seine towering physique machte diesen Übergang notwendig, was seine Strikezone unvereinbar mit den Anforderungen des Baseballs machte. Die Juxtaposition von Oumar Ballo #11 der Arizona Wildcats und Zach Edey #15 der Purdue Boilermakers, die in den Grenzen des Indy Classic, das im Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, aufgeführt wurde, wurde von Michael Hickeys fotografischem Know-how gefangen genommen. Zach hat seinen Basketball-Odysseus unter der Leitung des Amateur-Athletic-Union-Programms der Northern Kings begonnen. Er hat sich zu einem Leuchtfeuer zwischen den College-Basketball-Echelons entwickelt und für seinen beeindruckenden On-court-Prozess einen weit verbreiteten Ruf erlangt. Opting to forgo the 2023 NBA Draft, Edey currently assumes the pivotal role of a center for the Purdue Boilermakers, plying his trade within the esteemed Big Ten Conference. Notably, the basketball virtuoso donned the Canadian colors during the 2021 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup, showcasing his mettle on the international stage. Furthermore, he attained the distinction of being the sole collegiate representative within the Canadian contingent during the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Edey Purdue Biography

Zachary Edey, ein talentierter Sportler und College-Student, wurde am 14. Mai 2022 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, geboren. Derzeit 19 Jahre alt, begann Edey seine schulische Laufbahn an der Leaside High School in Toronto. Dort lernte er zunächst Basketball und nahm an dem Amateur-Athletic-Union-Programm der Northern Kings teil.

Pendant sa jeunesse, Edey mettait en avant ses compétences en Eishockey et en Baseball, avant de se concentrer sur le Basketball.Thanks to his enthusiasm and dedication, he decided to go to Bradenton, Florida, where he continued his high school education at the IMG Academy. Edey has advanced his skills at the IMG Academy and joined the national basketball team, which is a significant turning point in his athletic career.

Edey Purdue Early life 

Canada is where Zach Edey was born. His family is so encouraging. Glenn and Julia, his parents, have always pushed him to excel in sports. They even went so far as to coach Zach so that he could develop tremendously in sports. Doug, Zach’s brother, is an accomplished athlete as well. At the moment, his brother is a student at Leaside High School.

Zach cherishes his family just as much. In order to allow his mother to retire early, he promised her that he would secure a scholarship. Zach played baseball for a while. The University of Alabama took note of his flawless swing timing and all-around baseball abilities. His striking zone also improved as he grew older, but playing AAA baseball began to irritate him.

Edey Purdue Wiki

Full NameZach Edey
NicknameThe Big Maple
Date of Birth14 May 2002
Age21 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthToronto, Ontario, Canada
Current ResidenceWest Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Height (feet)7’4”
Height (centimetres)224
Weight (pounds)295
Weight (kilograms)134
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
FatherGlen Edey
Siblings1 (Doug Edey)
Relationship StatusSingle
EducationLeaside High School, Purdue University
ProfessionProfessional basketball player
Net Worth$2 million

Edey Purdue Education

[X] attended Leaside High School before embarking on further academic pursuits at Purdue University.

Edey Purdue Age

At l’âge de 19 ans, Zach Edey a une taille impressionnante de 7 feet 4 inches, soit 223 cm, et une poids supérieur à 100 kg, soit 220 pounds. Les mesures précises de ses arms, de son waist ou de son abdomen restent inconnues.

Edey Purdue Height & Weight

Zach Edey, a towering presence in the domain of collegiate basketball, looms impressively at an exceptional altitude of 7 feet 3 inches, translating to a remarkable 224 centimeters. This extraordinary dimension promptly distinguishes him on the court, rendering him a formidable entity in the paint. Tipping the scales at a robust 138 kilograms, or 304 pounds, Edey’s physical demeanor not only commands attention but also serves as a pivotal asset in his basketball acumen.

His towering stature bestows a significant edge in securing rebounds, obstructing shots, and perturbing the trajectory of adversary attempts. Edey’s sheer magnitude, in conjunction with his dexterity, empowers him to assert dominance in the paint and exert influence on both offensive and defensive fronts.

In his role as a center, his mass complements his stature, furnishing steadfastness and vigor in the low block. Zach Edey’s physical attributes not only elevate him as an exceptional athlete but also underscore the shifting paradigms of basketball, wherein dimensions, proficiency, and adaptability intersect to redefine conventional positional norms on the hardwood

Edey Purdue Family

[X]’s progenitors have wielded a pivotal influence in his evolution as an athlete. His maternal figure, with her expertise in hoops, and his paternal figure, an aficionado of sports, have both instilled a fervor for the sport within their offspring. Nurtured in the confines of Canada, [X]’s manifold cultural heritage and nurturing familial milieu have been pivotal in sculpting his trajectory.

In contemporary times, [X]’s parental figures stand as towering pillars of support. The endeavors of Julia to advocate for her progeny, spanning from attendance at matches to ingeniously involving enthusiasts, underscore the robust familial reinforcement that [X] relishes. Gazing ahead, [X] continues to make significant headway in his basketball odyssey, casting his gaze towards the NBA draft, wherein he is touted as a promising prospect.

Zach Edey’s Mom and Dad’s heights?

La mère de Zach Edey a une taille de 191 centimètres, soit 6 feet 3 inches. Toutefois, on ne sait pas combien elle pèse. En revanche, le père du balliste mesure 5 feet 8 inches, soit 173 centimeters, de hauteur et pèse environ 174 pounds, soit 79 kg. 

Zach Edey Career

Dans le domaine du basketball, Zach Edey’s croissance rapide est marquée par son remarquable physique et sa solide maîtrise des compétences, ce qui l’a propulsé au cœur de la scène de la basketball universitaire. Native de Toronto, Canada, Edey’s aventure débuta dès qu’il apparut sur le terrain de basketball de l’école secondaire, où sa taille imposante de 7 feet 3 inches a immédiatement attiré l’attention des scouts et des enthusiasts.

Opting to refine his talents at Purdue University in the United States, Edey adorned the jersey of the Purdue Boilermakers, swiftly establishing himself as a formidable presence. His influence extended beyond his towering height, encompassing a remarkable agility on the court. Edey emerged as a pivotal figure in the team’s tactics, leveraging his physical advantage to assert dominance in the paint, thwart shots, and secure pivotal rebounds.

His inaugural year at Purdue witnessed a rapid evolution, garnering praise for his pivotal role in the team’s triumphs. Edey’s scoring prowess, nimbleness, and defensive acumen underscored a maturity surpassing his years, earning him acclaim within the fiercely competitive realm of college basketball.

Zach Edey Net Worth 

En poursuivant dans ce post, nous allons vous informer de la valeur net de Zach Edey, qui est estimée à environ $ 1.1 Million.

Être à la fois un étudiant et un joueur avec une fortune est simplement un accomplissement. He est un joueur extrêmement passionné qui maîtrise parfaitement son jeu.

En continuant avec Zach’s post, nous allons vous informer sur son salaire, son revenu provenant de son source d’emploi et l’équipe avec laquelle il joue. Donc, continue de lire le blog.

Zach Edey Enjoys a Close Relationship With His Parents

Evidently, from our observations and gathered information concerning Zach Edey, it appears that his rapport with his progenitors remains robust, devoid of any discord or acrimony. Each of his progenitors has accompanied him faithfully throughout his journey to his current standing, offering invaluable guidance in navigating his career trajectory and life’s crossroads. Given their inherent athleticism, they steered him towards burgeoning into one of the preeminent collegiate basketball luminaries within the United States.

To date, he has refrained from expressing any partiality towards one progenitor over the other, leaving us bereft of conclusive evidence to ascertain such a predilection. Notably, his mother frequents his athletic endeavors, having transplanted herself to the United States to furnish him with a semblance of domesticity. While superficial observations might suggest a closer affinity towards his maternal figure, it is contingent upon the conspicuous absence of his father from the limelight, evading all semblance of media scrutiny or acknowledgment.

Edey Purdue Social Media

Edey fit partie du groupe Canada lors de la FIBA U19 World Cup en Latvia. He obtained a bronze medal avec son équipe et affichait un average de 15,1 points, 14,1 rebounds et 2,3 blocks par match. On l’a également sélectionné pour le FIBA World Cup All-Star 5 Team.

Son taux de 14.1 rebounds par match lors du tournament est le troisième plus élevé parmi les autres lors de la U19 World Cup depuis que rebounds ont été enregistrés en 1999.

On trouve Zach Edey sur Instagram @zach_edey.


Parental Support: Zach Edey’s parents, Julia and Glen Edey, have been actively involved in his athletic pursuits, providing unwavering support throughout his journey.

Diverse Heritage: Zach’s maternal ancestry traces back to Chinese migrants settled in Toronto, while his paternal lineage belongs to the Caucasian demographic, reflecting the diverse cultural background of his family.

Educational Background: Zach attended Leaside High School in Toronto before continuing his education at Purdue University, where he focuses on organizational leadership alongside his basketball career.

Height: Zach Edey stands out for his towering stature, measuring an impressive 7 feet 4 inches, a physical attribute that has contributed significantly to his success in basketball.

Siblings: Zach has a younger brother named Doug, who shares his passion for athletics, further highlighting the supportive and sports-oriented environment within the Edey family.

Maternal Influence: Julia Edey, Zach’s mother, played a pivotal role in guiding his basketball career, offering encouragement and support, even relocating to the United States to nurture his talents.

Athletic Journey: Zach initially explored other sports like baseball and hockey before eventually gravitating towards basketball, where his exceptional height and talent propelled him to collegiate and international success.

NBA Prospects: Despite foregoing the 2023 NBA Draft, Zach Edey remains a promising prospect for professional basketball, with his impressive performances garnering attention from scouts and enthusiasts alike.

Net Worth: Zach Edey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million, reflecting his burgeoning career as a professional basketball player alongside his educational pursuits.

Social Media Presence: Zach maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where he shares updates about his basketball journey and engages with fans and followers.


Zach Edey, a rising basketball star, was born in Toronto, Canada, to Julia and Glen Edey. He attended Leaside High School before pursuing his collegiate education at Purdue University. Zach’s journey into  basketball was unconventional, initially preferring baseball and hockey. However, guided byfamilial support and influenced by his towering stature, he transitioned to basketball, excelling notably in the sport. Currently, Zach is a prominent player for the Purdue Boilermakers, showcasing his talent both nationally and internationally.


Who are Zach Edey’s parents?

Zach Edey’s parents are Julia and Glen Edey. Julia is a mechanical engineer of Chinese descent, while Glen is a sports enthusiast with Caucasian ancestry.

What is Zach Edey’s mother’s profession?

Julia Edey is a retired mechanical engineer who dedicated years to the field of Nuclear Engineering in Canada before prioritizing support for her son’s basketball career.

How tall is Zach Edey’s mother?

Julia Edey stands at 6 feet 3 inches, showcasing a significant height that contributes to Zach’s own remarkable stature.

What influenced Zach Edey’s decision to pursue basketball?

Despite initial reservations and a preference for other sports, Zach’s towering height and familial support, particularly from his mother Julia, influenced his decision to pursue basketball seriously.

What is Zach Edey’s net worth?

Zach Edey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million, reflecting his dual roles as a student and a professional basketball player.

Is Zach Edey active on social media?

Yes, Zach Edey can be found on Instagram under the handle @zach_edey, where he shares updates about his basketball career and personal life.

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