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Who Is Carolin Bacic? Age, Biography, Marriage Life, Family, Career, Net Worth & More Information

Who Is Carolin Bacic?

Carolin Bacic, the inscrutable consort of Steve Bacic, holds an aura of mystery. Despite the eminent status of her spouse, she adeptly maintains a veil of secrecy, divulging scant details regarding her personal affairs or professional endeavors to the general populace.

Carolin Bacic Biography

Carolin Bacic, despite being the wife of the renowned Hollywood star Steve Bacic, maintains a low profile, with limited personal information available online.She, her husband Steve, and their three kids live in Vancouver, Canada. However, the famous couple wants to keep their family life private, therefore information regarding their kids is still unknown. While Carolin Bacic’s personal background remains relatively obscure, her husband’s life details provide insight into their family dynamic.

Carolin Bacic Wiki

Full NameCarolin Bacic
Date of BirthApril 19
Zodiac SignAries
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandSteve Bacic
Famous forBeing Steve Bacic’s wife

Carolin Bacic Childhood & Education

Carolin Bacic was raised in Split, Croatia, where she also completed her adolescence. She was young when she fell in love with the performing arts while growing up in Split. Carolin eagerly engaged in school productions and became involved in various local theater groups, nurturing her passion for acting and the stage.

Carolin Bacic Age

[X Placeholder] Carolin Bacic has now reached the age of 58, being born on the 13th of March in the year 1965.

Carolin Bacic Height and Weight

Carolin Bacic is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 55 kilograms, which is equivalent to about 121 pounds.

Carolin Bacic Personal life

Exploring Carolin Bacic’s personal life within the broader context of “Meet Carolin Bacic Bio Age Net Worth” offers a glimpse into the private elements that influence her public image. Diving into her relationships, values, and hobbies unveils a nuanced perspective of the person beyond her fame and accomplishments.

Carolin Bacic Steve Bacic Wife

Steve Bacic, the celebrated Canadian actor, has maintained a considerable level of privacy regarding his personal life, leaving fans intrigued about his wife, Carolin Bacic. Although there isn’t much information accessible to the public, here’s what we’ve gathered.

Carolin Bacic’s Marriage

Carolin Bacic is married to the renowned actor Steve Bacic. Originally from Ontario, Steve pursued a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology before being drawn into the world of entertainment, where he decided to take acting classes.

Steve began his television career in 1991 with appearances in American shows like Street Justice and 21 Jump Street. He gained notable recognition for his roles as Gaheris and Telemachus Rhade in Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. Additionally, he made his film debut in the sci-fi movie The 6th Day in 2000, and went on to feature in various films and TV episodes. One of his notable roles was as Sean Sonus in The CW’s Arrow, which garnered him further acclaim.

Carolin Bacic Children

Carolin and Steve Bacic have enjoyed nearly a decade of wedded bliss and are the loving parents of three children. Despite their public presence, the couple has made a conscious decision to keep their children’s lives private, opting not to disclose any details about them to the media.

Carolin Bacic Family

Carolin Bacic and Steve Bacic are proud parents of three children. Despite their family’s preference for privacy, recent insights have shed light on their kids. On February 14, 1998, Emma Bacic, the first daughter and oldest, was born. Emma, also known as Em, has adopted a maternal role for her siblings since their mother passed away. She is especially close to Lily, her younger sister. Though Emma keeps her Instagram private, she was the first to share a photo of herself with their father’s new girlfriend, Shanae Tomasevich.Emma is well-known for her kind personality and her concern for the welfare of her family.

Steven Bacic is the only son and second child of Carolin and Steve Bacic. He was born on August 21, 1999.Steven is quite reserved, and it remains uncertain whether he will follow in his father’s career footsteps. Despite his reserved nature, he shares a close bond with his sisters and father but prefers to maintain a low profile.

Carolin Bacic Career

While Carolin Bacic has kept her professional life relatively private, her impact in her chosen field is undeniable.

Though the specifics of her endeavors and accomplishments remain undisclosed, it’s clear that Carolin’s support and presence by Steve Bacic’s side have played a crucial role in his successful acting career.

As a devoted wife and mother, Carolin has provided a solid foundation for their family, enabling Steve to pursue his passion while balancing their familial responsibilities.

Carolin Bacic Net Worth

Carolin Bacic chooses to keep her professional endeavors under wraps, but it’s evident that she has accumulated substantial wealth, likely tied to her husband Steve Bacic’s earnings.

As of 2023, their combined net worth is estimated to be at least $5 million.

Carolin Bacic Social Media Presence

Carolin Bacic’s presence on social media plays a significant role in shaping her fame, net worth, and public image. By actively participating on different platforms, she has built a devoted following and utilized her influence for personal branding, career advancements, and philanthropic endeavors.

She Passed Away In January 2019

Carolin Bacic passed away on January 3, 2019, and surprisingly, news of her death has remained relatively quiet until now. It’s not entirely unexpected, considering her husband’s historical reluctance to discuss their family life while she was alive. Her loved ones were heartbroken by the untimely loss, and the cause of her sudden death was never revealed. Her family has been able to help one another through the hard times despite the catastrophe.

Interestingly, Steve Bacic has found love again. His partner since 2020 has been model and actress Shanae Tomasevich. Given that they have been spotted spending time with their father and his new partner, it appears that his kids have embraced Shanae into their life.


Personal Background: Carolin Bacic, a Canadian national, was born on April 19th, under the zodiac sign of Aries. She grew up in Split, Croatia, where she developed a passion for the performing arts during her youth.

Marital Status: She was married to the renowned Canadian actor, Steve Bacic, and together they shared three children.

Family Life: Carolin and Steve Bacic valued privacy regarding their family life, keeping details about their children away from the public eye.

Tragic Passing: Carolin Bacic sadly passed away on January 3rd, 2019, leaving behind her husband, Steve Bacic, and their children. The cause of her death remains undisclosed.

Legacy: Despite her low public profile, Carolin Bacic’s impact on her family, especially her supportive role in her husband’s successful acting career, remains significant.


The celebrity of her husband, Steve Bacic, eclipsed the private life of Canadian-born Croatian Carolin Bacic. She developed a passion for performing while growing up in Split, Croatia. Her marriage to Steve Bacic was characterized by seclusion; the pair brought up their three kids out of the public light. Sadly, Carolin died away in 2019, leaving her family with a legacy of love and support.


What was Carolin Bacic’s profession?

Carolin Bacic’s professional endeavors remain undisclosed, as she preferred to maintain a low public profile.

What was Carolin Bacic’s net worth?

Although her individual net worth is not specified, it’s evident that she and her husband, Steve Bacic, had a combined net worth of at least $5 million as of 2023.

How many children did Carolin Bacic have?

Carolin Bacic and Steve Bacic were the parents of three children, whose identities and details remained private.

What was the cause of Carolin Bacic’s death?

The cause of Carolin Bacic’s untimely death on January 3rd, 2019, has not been publicly disclosed.

Did Steve Bacic remarry after Carolin’s death?

Yes, Steve Bacic found love again after Carolin’s passing. He has been in a relationship with model and actress Shanae Tomasevich since 2020.

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