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Who is Diane Lou Oswald? Biography, Wiki,  Family, Career, Net Worth,  Husband & Information

Who is Diane Lou Oswald?

Cette charmante femme est venue au monde vers 1940, bien que la date précise de sa naissance reste un peu floue. Elle s’est mariée avec Charles Voyde Harrelson, plus connu sous le nom de Charles Harrelson, en 1959. Leur mariage connut une période difficile, malheureusement, et ils se séparèrent en 1964. Néanmoins, ils ont eu trois enfants remarquables : Brett Harrelson, Jordan Harrelson et le seul Woody Harrelson au cours de leur collaboration.

Let’s shift our focus to Woody, who catapulted his mom, Diane Lou Oswald, into the spotlight. Her other two sons also found success in the acting world, keeping the family’s legacy alive and thriving. And let’s not forget about Diane’s role as a grandma – she’s got some absolutely adorable grandkids: Zoe Giordano Harrelson, Makani Ravello Harrelson, and Deni Montana Harrelson. It’s truly a household filled to the brim with talent and love!

Diane Lou Oswald & Woody Harrelson Biography

Diane Lou Oswald, la maîtresse du célèbre acteur Woody Harrelson, fait son apparition parmi les professions du théâtre. She was born on April 5th, 1937, on the vernal day, and on the autumnal eve of October 25th, 2020, she took her final bow.Proud scion of English and German lineage, hailing from the heartlands of Midland, Texas, she bore a visage of azure orbs that pierced the very fabric of perception. A svelte frame, standing at the apex of 5 feet and 5 inches, graced with an approximate burden of 130 pounds, bespoke her physical demeanor. Inheriting traits of indomitable spirit and boundless vitality, her celestial alignment bore the mark of Aries.

La naissance de Woody Harrelson, le fils de Midland, Texas, a eu lieu dans l’embrassement des États-Unis d’Amérique le 23 juillet 1961. Le père de l’enfant, un praticien des arts cachés, a traversé les couloirs de la honte, vêtu du manteau d’un condamné à mort, condamné aux limites de la vie en prison.  Adrift in the tumult of familial discord, his formative years were a crucible that etched its mark upon his soul. Amidst the hallowed halls of Hanover College in Indiana, the young Harrelson immersed himself in the sanctum of the dramatic arts and the realm of literary expression. Upon graduating from these bastions of erudition, he ventured forth to the metropolis of New York City, seeking the elusive dream of thespian acclaim. It was therein that his nascent talent found its voice, heralded by the inaugural performance in the opus of 1985 titled “Biloxi Blues.”

The annals of acclaim unfurled their tapestry to embrace Harrelson within their folds, as the role of Woody Boyd in the pantheon of televised legend, “Cheers,” bestowed upon him the laurels of recognition from 1985 to 1993. Fivefold were the nominations he garnered for the coveted Emmy, a testament to the depth of his portrayal. The year 1991 bore witness to his ascendancy onto the silver screen, with the cinematic opus “Doc Hollywood,” wherein he assumed the mantle of protagonist for the first time. A procession of triumphs ensued, with cinematic jewels such as “White Men Can’t Jump,” “Natural Born Killers,” and “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” adorning his mantle. It was for the latter that the Academy bestowed upon him the imprimatur of nomination.


Full nameDiane Lou Oswald
Date of birth1937
Age87 (as of 2024)
Zodiac signLeo
Place of birthLebanon, Warren, Ohio, United States
Height (feet)5’6
Height (cm)167
Weight (lbs)121
Weight (kg)55
MotherMary Lou Oswald
FatherKenneth Oswald
Marital statusUnmarried
PartnerCharles Harrelson (m. 1959–1964)
Children3 (Brett Harrelson, Woody Harrelson, Jordan Harrelson)

Diane Lou Oswald Age

Diane Lou Oswald keeps her age and date of birth private, but she hails from Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, in the United States.

Woody Harrelson Height and Weight

Woody Harrelson stands at about 177 cm tall, which is roughly 5 feet 10 inches, and he’s estimated to weigh around 182 lb (83 kg). It’s worth mentioning that these measurements can fluctuate over time due to factors like diet and exercise.

Diane Lou Oswald Personal life

Diana Lou has encountered a multitude of peaks and valleys throughout her journey in life. She found herself deeply enamored with Charles Harrelson, despite his tumultuous existence as an outlaw. Their affection blossomed into matrimony in 1959, yet alas, it proved ephemeral, and they went their separate ways after a mere span of five years. Despite the brevity of their union, Diana embraced the role of a proud mother to three extraordinary progenies: Brett, Jordan, and Woody Harrelson.

Diana devoted herself entirely to nurturing her offspring, imparting upon them the virtues of empathy and affection at every turn. Despite the hurdles they encountered, her resolve to safeguard their welfare never faltered. And her diligence bore fruit – all three of her offspring matured into individuals of notable accomplishment.

Amidst life’s trials and victories, Diana’s affection for her progeny remained steadfast. She stood as their stalwart support, their beacon of guidance, and her influence played a pivotal role in molding them into the exceptional individuals they are today.

Diane Lou Oswald Family

Diane Lou Oswald entered this world in Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, nestled within the heart of the United States. Her lineage traces back to Kenneth Oswald and Mary Lou Oswald, her devoted parents. Kenneth Earl Oswald, her father, graced the world in 1912, but his journey concluded in 1957. Mary Lou Oswald, Diane’s mother, shared her birthday on March 16, 1915, and bid farewell to this world on May 22, 2000. Kenneth, son of Dutch Oswald and Izora Oswald, carried forth the family legacy.

Woody Harrelson Career

Le voyage de Woody Harrelson a débuté dans les profondeurs du Texas, au milieu de la chaleur torride du 23 juillet 1961 à Midland. Néanmoins, son enfance diverge considérablement de la traditionnelle. Picture this: his paternal figure? Well, he held a rather extraordinary vocation – he operated as a professional assassin, a mercenary, you might say. Consequently, Woody and his kin lived a peripatetic existence, never lingering in one place for long.

Nevertheless, Woody refused to allow these circumstances to impede his aspirations. Thus, he opted to forsake academia in the early 1980s, specifically departing from Hanover College, and embarked directly toward the bustling thoroughfares of New York City. Woody encountered the arduous task of navigating auditions whilst tending bar, for residing within the metropolis that never sleeps exacts a toll on one’s finances, let me assure you.

And then serendipity came in, as if by Providence. Après avoir joué le rôle de Woody Boyd dans la célèbre série télévisée de l’époque, Cheers, en 1985, tout a changé. Non seulement son renommée a augmenté, mais cela lui a également valu un Emmy Award en 1989. Can there be a more fortuitous turn of events now?

Subsequently, Woody’s trajectory ascended akin to a celestial projectile. On the silver screen, he captivated audiences by demonstrating his thespian skills in productions like Natural Born Killers and White Men Can’t Jump.

C’est pourquoi l’histoire de Woody Harrelson montre que les gens peuvent créer leur propre place dans Tinseltown grâce à la persévérance, au courage inébranlable et à un peu de chance, quels que soient leurs racines ou les circonstances de leur vie.

Diane Lou Oswald Net Worth 

She’s truly remarkable, you know?Avoir trois enfants seule en tant que secrétaire n’était pas une promenade dans le parc, mais elle n’a jamais laissé ses enfants seuls. Pour s’assurer qu’ils avaient tout ce qu’ils avaient besoin, elle a consacré des heures et des efforts considérables.

And now, just look at them. Her children have all become successful millionaires. Woody, in particular, has always been devoted to his mother. They make sure she’s well taken care of financially, ensuring her comfort. It’s incredible to think that she now has a net worth of a million dollars. Elle mérite absolument chaque centime.

Diane Lou Oswald Relationship

Diane Lou Oswald’s existence underwent profound transformation due to her exceptional connection with her former spouse, Charles Harrelson, a personality infamous for his participation in illicit undertakings. Despite Diane’s portrayal as a devoted legal assistant and nurturing parent sharply differing from Charles’s criminal history as a convicted assassin, their bond exhibited remarkable tenacity.

Their matrimony encountered myriad obstacles, with Charles’s tumultuous past perpetually impacting their familial interactions. Nonetheless, Diane’s resolute resolve to furnish her offspring with a nurturing milieu amidst the tumult serves as a testament to her inner fortitude.

Amidst the tumult, Diane remained resolute in her dedication to crafting an affectionate ambiance for her progeny, showcasing that affection and dedication can triumph even amidst the most arduous circumstances. Her narrative continues to strike a chord with many, epitomizing how elegance and persistence can surmount the tribulations of wedlock, kindling hope in others regarding the potency of resilience and affection.

Who is the Woody Harrelson? 

Woody Harrelson apparaît comme un personnage brillant dans le domaine des arts de la scène, reconnu non seulement pour ses performances théâtrales mais également pour ses œuvres littéraires. Avec une variété de trésors du cinéma tels que “Natural Born Killers”, “White Men Can’t Jump” et la célèbre saga “The Hunger Games”, son portfolio démontre son talent multifacettaire. Beyond the silver screen, Harrelson’s thespian journey has merged with the television domain, particularly in the loved sitcom “Cheers,” a domaine où son talent a été reconnu grâce à five prestigious Emmy nominations.

Harrelson’s cinematic odyssey extends further into the echelons of celluloid success with memorable appearances in blockbusters like “Now You See Me” and “War for the Planet of the Apes,” thereby solidifying his status as a stalwart in the industry’s annals. Yet, his influence transcends the confines of entertainment, as he emerges as a fervent champion for environmental and societal causes. Embracing the ethos of veganism and advocating for raw culinary pursuits, he epitomizes a holistic approach to living in symbiosis with our planet.


Birth and Family: Diane Lou Oswald was born around 1940 in Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, United States, to Kenneth Oswald and Mary Lou Oswald.

Marriage and Children: She married Charles Voyde Harrelson in 1959, with whom she had three children: Brett Harrelson, Jordan Harrelson, and the renowned actor Woody Harrelson. The couple separated in 1964.

Personal Life: Despite facing challenges, Diane dedicated herself to nurturing her children and played a pivotal role in their success.

Legacy: Diane’s sons, particularly Woody Harrelson, achieved notable success in the acting world, carrying on the family’s legacy.

Net Worth: Diane Lou Oswald’s net worth is estimated to be around a million dollars, thanks to the success of her children and their support for her.


Diane Lou Oswald was born in Ohio around 1940 and married Charles Harrelson in 1959. Despite their separation in 1964, Diane raised their three children, including the famous actor Woody Harrelson, with dedication and love. Her influence played a significant role in shaping her children’s success. Today, she enjoys financial comfort, supported by her successful children.


When and where was Diane Lou Oswald born? Diane Lou Oswald was born around 1940 in Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, United States.

Who was Diane Lou Oswald married to? Diane Lou Oswald was married to Charles Voyde Harrelson from 1959 to 1964.

How many children does Diane Lou Oswald have? Diane Lou Oswald has three children: Brett Harrelson, Jordan Harrelson, and Woody Harrelson.

What is Diane Lou Oswald’s net worth? Diane Lou Oswald’s net worth is estimated to be around a million dollars, attributed to the success of her children and their support for her.

What role did Diane Lou Oswald play in her children’s lives? Diane Lou Oswald played a crucial role in nurturing her children, particularly Woody Harrelson, and supporting their success in the entertainment industry.

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